Sarah Milward (Foelske)
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

BFA, University of Kansas  


Gold Clio
 Toronto Raptors Logo

Applied Arts 
Beer Wine, and Spirits  - Cracked Canoe

“Sarah Foelske of Bruce Mau Design: On Creativity, Collaboration & Jay-Z“

Studio 360: A New Look for Canada
Studio 360
Studio 360’s challenge to rebrand Canada becomes an effort to educate Americans.

Logo Design Love
Bruce Mau Design rebrands Canada

Brandemia: Best International Brand Award 2012
Brandemia awards ‘Know Canada’ the Best International Brand Award 2012

Brand New: In Brief, Know Canada
Under Consideration
Brand New considers the icons featured in BMD’s new ‘Know Canada’ campaign.

designboom: Bruce Mau Design: Redesigning Canada for the 21st Century
Designboom points out the importance of representing the inspirational culture and landscape of Canada in the 21st century.

Design Edge: Bruce Mau Design aims to change America’s view of Canada
Design Edge
Design Edge Canada looks at new imagery associated with the Canadian brand.

Huffington Post: Know Canada: Bruce Mau Design, WNYC’s Studio 360 Redesigns Canada’s Brand
Huffington Post
Placing a new focus on the Canadian flag’s iconic red bars.

Canada redesigned: U.S. public radio program rebrands the Great White North
National Post
The National Post lays out the pros and cons to rebranding Canada’s “tightly branded” image.

A Deft Rebranding Of Canada Tackles Its Hazy Identity Abroad
Fast Company
Belinda Lanks on creating a new visual identity for Canada and the goal of helping America better understand Canada.

Looking Back at 2012’s Best Branding
Fast Company
Fast Company includes ‘Know Canada’ among it’s best brands of 2012 list.

Design Sponge
sneak peek: sarah foelske and james milward

Tour Three Stylish Bedrooms
The Globe and Mail

Design Exchange Awards
Visual Communications
Drake BBQ

Martha Stewart American Made
Sticks & Stones

Designer’s ‘sticks and stones’ will awaken your inner mystic
Globe and Mail
Designer Spotlight

Trend Hunter's President Shelby Walsh Talks to Sticks & Stones' Sarah Foelske
Trend Hunter


"The Art of Breakthrough Design" at The Bata Shoe Museum for Design Talks, May 2014

Hallmark Symposium  Lecture Series, Spring 2013

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